Mint is live

Babolex & Snoop Dogg team up to create 

their very exclusive collection 

(NFT certificate included).

Bonus : 100 diamond tickets have been hidden for a private concert with Snoop Dogg in Los Angeles.



Get your own sculpture Snoop Dogg x Babolex with an NFT certificate.

Estimated value of each sculpture is $1,200.

golden tickets

Get a chance to meet Snoop Dogg

in Los Angeles in a private show.

diamond tickets

One golden ticket for every sculpture to access

to a private concert of Snoop Dogg 2022.

Get yours now

Choose to pay in crypto with your wallet or in fiat.

Focus on Babolex

Nicknamed "The small Prince of Contemporary Art" by the famous Forbes magazine, 

Vincent Faudemer aka "Babolex" is the new rising star of modern art.

Since 2018, he exhibits his artwork all over the world and has conquered 

the hearts of many celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick, Liam (One Direction)...

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