Babolector Night Blue


A special and limited collectible edition of the classic Babolex wearing a blue suit. Inspired by the famous iconic elephant, Babolex symbolizes the transition from childhood to adulthood. The crown exists in two variants : gold or yellow. The sculpture is 30cm high.

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Become a modern art collector

Exhibit at home a real piece of art only produced in a very limited units in the whole world.


Choose the crown you like

The Babolector's crown comes as a replaceable accessory. You can choose between a shinny gold or a beautiful clear coated yellow. And you can expect new crowns to come in the future.


10% invested in the cryptocurrency of your choice !

Vincent Faudemer is the only artist to reward his collectors. For each sculpture you buy, he invests 10% of the cryptocurrency of your choice. So that the value of your artwork is bound with the cryptomarket !

For instance, if your cryptocurrency rise up by 2x, your artwork worth its initial value + 20% of the initial value